Local Deployment


Do not deploy Klever at your workstation or valuable servers unless you are ready to lose some sensitive data or to have misbehaved software. We hope that one day Klever will be more safe and secure, so this warning will be redundant.

Local Deployment works for Debian 9. Also, you can try it for other versions of Debian as well as for various Debian derivatives, e.g. it works for Ubuntu 18.04 as well.

Prior to proceding to Local Deployment, it is necessary to perform Common Deployment. Then you need to choose an appropriate deployment mode. One should select development only if one is going to develop Klever (see Deployment for Development Purposes in addition). Otherwise, please, choose production. Then you should install Klever:

$ sudo $KLEVER_SRC/deploys/bin/deploy-local --deployment-directory $KLEVER_DEPLOY_DIR install production

After successfull installation one is able to update Klever multiple times to install new or to update alredy installed Klever Addons and Target Software as well as to update Klever itself:

$ sudo $KLEVER_SRC/deploys/bin/deploy-local --deployment-directory $KLEVER_DEPLOY_DIR update production

To uninstall Klever, e.g. if something went wrong during installation, you need to run:

$ sudo $KLEVER_SRC/deploys/bin/deploy-local --deployment-directory $KLEVER_DEPLOY_DIR uninstall production

So that a normal sequence of actions for Local Deployment is the following: “install ‣ update ‣ update ‣ … ‣ update ‣ uninstall”. In addition, there are several optional arguments which you can find out by running:

$ $KLEVER_SRC/deploys/bin/deploy-local --help